Preaching Gowns by House of Aaron Regalia


At House of Aaron Regalia, you can choose from many, many fabrics and colors as you add accents to tell the story of your ministry and of your congregation. We make gowns in natural and synthetic fibers.

The entire gown or just the sleeves or panels can be of brocade or kente or other fibers that celebrate heritage.

Do you hold a M. Div or PhD degree? We can add chevrons to the sleeves. Are you the president of a divinity school or university? We can add the fourth chevron.

Do you prefer a robe that echoes designs from the Early Modern or Renaissance periods? Send us an image of a non-copyrighted design. Once, a customer sent us a design from a medieval book!

What about weather? Are you in a warm climate? We designed a robe for a customer that was so lightweight and breathable that we had to weights to the hem!

What about your ministry? We designed a robe for a minister who was a recovering alcoholic and wanted to include this struggle in preaching to the congregation. We designed a robe for a female ministers who had several patriarchal men in her congregration.

We even created portfolios for clergy who knew what the full wardrobe should look like but could only purchase one robe at a time.

Design sessions matter! Contact us today to schedule your session!

Black silk preaching gown with gold-on-black brocade cuffed sleeves, velvet trim, gold metallic crosses and red cord accents.
The Cana Robe: Fully-fluted white robe with gold metallic threads and the panels are metallic and rayon threads embroidered on white velvet. These panels can also be a detached stole. This is a great robe for weddings, baptisms and for ministering to people in recovery.