Academic Doctoral Gowns by House of Aaron Regalia


Our doctoral and terminal master’s degree gowns are designed for people who will wear their gown many times and perhaps deliver speeches in them.

Sleeves can be cuffed, lined or historical bell sleeves as shown here.

We also make 4-, 6-, 8-pointed velvet tams with gold or silver beehive tassels.

Shoulders can be fluted or pleated.

Trims can be cotton velvets, kente cloth, plaids or other fabrics based upon availability. They can be accented with cords made of natural fiber, synthetic fiber or metallic ones.

House of Aaron doctoral robes can be made of polyester crepe, silk, tropical weight wool, linens and other fabrics. How you will use and wear the gown influences our fabric recommendations. We do not use fusible facings and there is a lot of hand-stitching in our gowns, similar in process to a custom-tailored suit.

We also add features that are useful for people who give many speeches on a regular basis in such gowns.

Schedule an appointment so that we can make a gown that works for you.

This gown as shown is a popular style in New Haven, CT, and is the official blue color of one of the local universities. The one shown is a bengaline with cotton velvet chevrons.