Catholic & Protestant Vestments and Altar Hangings by House of Aaron Regalia


At House of Aaron Regalia, we can make traditional vestments from chasuble to chalice veils, stoles and copes. One of our customers was gifted by a parishioner a full set of chasuble, altar cloths and funeral pall for a coffin made entirely of Coronation Red fabric. The priest loved it so much that he asked to be buried in the chasuble. More than one of our customers asked to be buried in their House of Aaron vestment!

We also modify traditional styles to incorporate contemporary trends.

Ivory chasuble with Coronation Red metallic tapestry orphrey and trimmed in gold metallic cord.

Burgundy brocade traditional Gothic chasuble, altar cloth, burse and chalice veil, trimmed in silver metallic cording, fringe and fleury cross on velvet orphreys. Heavy satin linings.

This sapphire blue 100% silk preaching robe and hooded cape were gifted by a congregation to their Protestant bishop. Blue is one of the colors in the sanctuary decor. The occasion was an anniversary of serving this particular parish. The banding is a darker blue velvet with silver metallic embroidery. The preaching robe has a weighted hem and other features that are unique to his preaching style. Design sessions are important.

Shepherd’s Watch collection: a set designed of fabrics that might have been familiar to the shepherds of the Christmas story. 100% tropical weight wool natural white chasuble and chalice veil. Orphreys and stole are Phoenician royal purple and natural white woven fabric with a slight feel of chenille texture. Unlined chasuble and muslin-lining on chalice veil and stole.

Shepherd Watch collection: Front and back of fiddle or Roman chasuble, made of 100% linen and trimmed in a brocade. The chasuble piping and embroidery are of moonlight grey synthetic gray to recall the chill of the Christmas night.

Shepherd’s Watch collection: This is a cotton blend brocade of twilight grey and rose fleury crosses, Phoenician purple accents are the field on which the moonlight grey Christmas star crosses are embroidered.